Blowing Kurma conch | Rare Conch shell blowing (6 inch)

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It is magnificient piece of rarest blowing conch which is beautiful white in colour. It is blown to remove all negetive energies from the house and is also used in temples. Since they are natural products, their size may vary slightly.

ORIGINAL: Everyone requires original products. These are “True Conch” found in oceans. These are Gastropod shells which are sacred chank, used in worship in most of the religions.

BLOWING: These natural conches are used as wind instruments. As per vedas, the sound of conch is that of sacred word AUM (OM).

FLAWLESS: This Sankh is a hand picked shankh which is categorised to be A+ premium grade and DOESNOT have any repaired portion. Such pieces are very rare. 

LOUD: Each piece is tested for their sound loudness. They have very clear and loud sound. You should always put some water in the blowing area before and after it is blown. 

A beautiful most auspicious Blowing conch shell from the house of Brand “The Holy Mart”, Always Serving In Your Spiritual Journey.