Shani Shankh | Shani conch

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This type of conch is black in colour and is used for the shani deva puja and also offer mustard oil through this conch pleases shani deva. Since they are natural products, their size may vary slightly.

  • RAREST & ORIGINAL: This is the real and natural rarest Shani Shankh/conch. This is a unique conch which is very pleasing to Shani deva. 
  • CURES SHANI GRAH PROBLEM: If your astrological calculations are showing Shani ( Saturn ) problems, You can keep this conch in temple to avoid wrath of Lord Shani and make that bad period comfortable.
  • FLAWLESS: This Sankh is a hand picked shankh which is categorised to be A+ premium grade and DOESNOT have any repaired portion. Such pieces are very rare. 
  • KACHHAP SHANI SHANK: It is overcoming mishaps, risks and threats. It also removes negetivety in your surroundings.
  • A beautiful most rare Shani or Kachhap conch shell from the house of Brand “The Holy Mart”, Always Serving In Your Spiritual Journey.