Kashmiri Embroidery Ladoo Gopal Dress

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A vibrant Dress in silk cloth with overall Kashmiri embroidey and pom-poms all over. Nice beautiful dress which will be adored by Gopal ji. You can also purchase The Holy Mart Mukut mala flute shoes bangles kit for complete Shringar.

  • PRODUCT: A Special  in multicolour Poshak for Laddu Gopal ji  with Pom-poms
  • ABOUT: The dress is made up of soft designer Multicolour cloth with Kashmiri embroidery and sweet Pom-Poms all around. This type of Poshak suits all mood and Leela of Cute Little Krishna.
  • OFFER: You can also buy various Mukut, Topi, Necklace, belt/ Tagdi, Bangles, Flute etc from The Holy Mart Deities jewellary section along with the dress to get complete awesome look