Shiv Parivar Full Embroidery Dress (Free Pouches of Ganga jal)

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A Full Dress set of 7 pieces for Shiv Parivar.  The dress contains Shiv ling dress in Tiger print cloth of 60 cm X 48 cm, embroided lehanga for Srimati Parvati Devi of 32 cm, Ganesh ji and kartikey ji and nandi.ji dress. A special Frebie pouch of Ganga Jal from Gangotri to be offered tp the shivling. It is said that it is very auspicious to offer milk, Gangajal. Then after that make them wear dress and then offer Datura, Bel Leaves , flowers etc on shivling. That makes Bhole baba very happy with you and your family.

  • PRODUCT: A Special  Dress set of 11 pieces for whole Shiv Parivar which includes 1) Tiger print velvet Shivling cloth 2) Choli lehanga and Chunri for Parvati ji 3) Shirt, lehanga and patka for Ganesh ji  4) Shirt, lehanga and patka for Kartikeya ji 5) Nandiji body cover
  • ABOUT: The whole dress is made in Embroided cloth and work of laces. Shivling cloth is in Tiger print velvet cloth. Savan, 16 Somvar vrat and all other Vratas are incomplete without the offering the dress. So this dress must be offered to the whole Shiv parivar.
  • OFFER: You can also buy various Mukut, Topi, Necklace, belt/ Tagdi, Bangles etc from The Holy Mart Deities jewellary section along with the dress to get complete awesome look
  •  Special Dress set to offer your devotions, from the house of Brand “The Holy Mart”, Always Serving In Your Spiritual Journey.