20 cm Peacock Krsna Flute | Krishna Vamsi | deities accessories

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A very extraordinary beautiful Krishna Bansuri FLUTE of 20 cm. This flute has a beautiful design of Peacock decorated with meenakari art, Kundan and artifical diamonds. This flute is for Krishna  and Ladoo Gopal deity.

  • A 20 cm Gold plated metallic beautiful flute for Big idols of Krsna and Ladoo Gopal.
  • The flute is having well designed Peacock at the edge which gives the bansuri an extraordinary elegance..
  • This Masterpiece of artificial jewellary work for the God will surely make the deities look very attractive.
  • The flute have an elegant work of Artificial diamonds, meenakari work and golden chains.
  • A very beautiful 20 cm flute for Krishna from the house of Brand “The Holy Mart”, Always Serving In Your Spiritual Journey.