Brass Kali Mata Statue of Idol in Brass Home temple (6 cm high)

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Ma Kali is the killer of all evils. She protects her devotees from all the bad effects. This deity of Kali Devi  is in Pure Finest Brass who will take care of you and your family from the house of brand 'The Holy Mart'

  • God idol made up Pure A+ Grade Brass with beautiful engravings and sharp features.
  • Kali Mata deity is ideal for Home temple  worship and for office.
  • Kali mata saves You from all evils and negetive powers. So be under her complete protection.
  • The idol is handmade by the best artisans from the India. We are just taking the price, You know the worth.
  • Beautiful deity of Kaali Mata, from the house of Brand “The Holy Mart”, Always Serving In Your Spiritual Journey.