Chanting Bag for kids Zipper Pocket 100% Pure Cotton Cloth

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A Beautiful Chanting bag made of 100% cotton cloth, specially small sized for children upto 10 years. This bag has a zipper pocket. The bag has a proper string for proper hanging. The colour may vary from the picture given but the pattern will remain as it is.

  • Is your children chanting Mantras or doing meditation......?
  • Thrir beads/ mala should be kept in this bag so that the purity can be maintained
  • This bag is made of pure cotton cloth to keep the skin more airy and comfortable and is designed in small size for children upto 10 years.
  • There its one good quality zip pocket to keep essentials and concentrate on japa meditation.
  • A durable and beautiful bead bag to strengthen your spirituality, from the house of Brand “The Holy Mart”, Always Serving In Your Spiritual Journey.