Deities Gold Plated Minakari Arms | God accessories

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Extraordinary beautiful Gold Plated Minakari Eight Arms for Deities (Sankh/ Conch, Chakra, Gadda/ club, Trishul/Trident , Sword/Talwar, Lotus/Kamal,  Axe/Kulhadi). These arms can be given in arms of the deities or can be held through glue.

  • A beautiful crafted arms for hands of Durga Devi, Vishnu, Jagannath Baldev, Kali devi, Hanuman ji, Shiva, Kartikeya and Other God deities.
  • They are metallic designer Gold plated Arms with meenakari work.
  • This includes Sankh/ Conch of 3 cm, Chakra of 3.5 cm , Gadda/ club of 9 cm, Trishul/Trident of 11 cm, Sword/Talwar of 9 cm, Lotus/Kamal of 5 cm,  Axe/Kulhadi of 7 cm.
  • Giving these arms to your God give complete protection to your home and your family members.
  • Designer Arms for your Small God statue upto 7 to 14 inches, from the house of Brand “The Holy Mart”, Always Serving In Your Spiritual Journey.