Mayur Embroidery Laddu Gopal Dress in Velvet

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A Lustrous velvet Laddu Gopal Dress with marvellous Jari  and thread Peacock embroidery. Beautiful vibrant colours. The colour may vary from photograph. You can also purchase The Holy Mart Peacock Mukut, mala, flute, shoes, bangles kit for complete Shringar.

PRODUCT: A Special Premium Velvet Dress for Laddu Gopal ji with Mayur design embroidery, which will be liked by Gopal ji a lot.

ABOUT: The dress is made up of soft Velvet cloth and beautiful embroidery. This type of Poshak is to make Gopal ji comfortable  and look lustrous elegant.

OFFER: You can also buy various Mukut, Topi, Necklace, belt/ Tagdi, Bangles, Flute etc from The Holy Mart Deities jewellary section along with the dress to get complete awesome look

Special Dress set to offer your devotions, from the house of Brand “The Holy Mart”, Always Serving In Your Spiritual Journey.