Narsingh Dev With Prahlad Maharaj Deity in Pure Brass idol for temple (14 cm high)

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A Beautiful magnificient encarving of Laxmi Narsingha deities with Sankarshan in pure Brass giving the divine experience of worshipping the remover of all obstacles and goddess of all opulenses together

  • God idol made up Pure A+ Grade Brass with beautiful engravings and sharp features by one of the artisans of India.
  • Lord Narsingh deva is the Lord of protection for His devotees. He is the destructor of both external  and internal evils.
  • This Narsimha deity is with his devotee Sri Prahlad Maharaj. 
  • He should be worshipped by keeping the temple in east direction of Home.
  • A special, Rare and beautiful deity of Lord Narsingha deva with Prahlad, from the house of Brand “The Holy Mart”, Always Serving In Your Spiritual Journey.