Pearl Tulsi Plant Tulsi Basil For Temple

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A Beautiful handmade Tulsi Plant by the hands of Braj devoteesfor the pleasure of Lord Visnu and all Visn tatva like Rama, Krishna, Varaha, Buddha, Sri Narsingha deva etc. Such Tulsi plant is ideal for temple room inside house. 

  • Everybody must keep Tulsi plant in their temple to please Vishnu and Krishna
  • Practically, its very difficult to keep real Tulsi plant inside away from Sunshine, so this is the best alternative.
  • A beautiful Tulsi plant in pearl pot will attract eyes of not only people around you but also Narayan.
  • Tulsi is very lovable for Visnu and all Visnu Tatva. So such plant must be kept near the deities to please them. 
  • A beautiful Tulsi plant made of pearl for pleasure of the Lord from the house of Brand “The Holy Mart”, Always Serving In Your Spiritual Journey.