Pure Wool Laddu Gopal Dress with fur | Winter Dress for Bhagwanji Of 5-6 Size

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This winter, your Laddu gopal needs a beautiful woolen dress with unique fur on the border. Handmade multicolour dresses are made which will just suit your Gopal ji. Good quality and size 5-6. The diameter is 24 cm. 

  • A pure woolen hand Knitted dress where frock is having a beautiful Khazoori style of knitting.
  • The dress are having vibrant colour combinations and you might get a different sparkling colour other than that of the photo.
  • The dresses are fit for deities of 10-11 inches or Ladoo gopal of 4-6 size.
  • It is accompanied with a cute soft woolen cap of some colour which will fit perfectly on your deity.
  • A small woven cap is also accompanied of the same colour of dress and we gaurantee you that your Gopal Ji will look very cute and wil be warm in winters.