Set of 3 Laddu Gopal Winter Dress of Size 4

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This time to have a WINTER bumper offer from The Holy mart. Set of 3 dresses for your little Laddu Gopal of 4 size. 2 Dresses in pure wool woven, one in Lotus style and other in Khazoori style and 1 is Velvet Floral dress. This offer is also with   jewellary set containing Mukut, Mala, Earings, Flute, Chadi and Bangles. 

  • Three in one package offer of beautiful dresses for your Laddoo Gopal of 4 size. That too with   jewellary set offer.
  • DRESS 1: This is a very beautiful Pure wool dress in Lotus style handwoven. A beautiful masterpiece. <br>DRESS 2: This is a fabulous Khazoori style handwoven pure wool dress. A winter wear dress for your Laddu Gopal. 
  • DRESS 3: A soft dress of Floral Velvet which looks sober and beautiful. A soft comfortable dress for winter season.
  • OFFER: This is a   jewellary set of Mukut with Mala, earrings, Flute and bangles.
  • Set of 3 winter dresses in an amazing offer with   Jewellary set from the house of Brand “The Holy Mart”, Always Serving In Your Spiritual Journey.