White Neem Rosary/ Beads/ Mala ( saffron Thread)

White Neem Rosary/ Beads/ Mala ( saffron Thread)

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Nourish your Soul by connecting with The Absolute Truth. In this kaliyuga, chanting the holy names of the Lord is the only way to deliver yourself from this world of miseries. Well formed beads in big size from the neem wood weaved in saffron thread for purity, sanctity and peace. With these beads, you will a free chanting bag.

This is Kaliyuga, the prescribed method of worship is to chant Holy Names of the Supreme Lord to nourish the thirst of soul.

This is Neem beads/ Rosary are very useful for new chanters as this will have no offences on simple mishandlings.

The 108 beads japa mala is to chant the mantra on each bead, and one sumeru is the starting and endpoint of this chanting mala. This Sumeru represents The Lord, so that is not touched.

To learn how to chant, you can refer video tutorials on TheHolyMart.com

This Purified energised beeds for chanting from the house of The Holy Mart.